When Will The Last Of Us Season 2 Release? This is Leaks From the Cast


If you’re a fan of gripping and emotional dramas, HBO’s adaptation of the acclaimed video game franchise, The Last of Us, should be at the top of your must-watch list. Guided by the brilliant mind of the creator Chernobyl Craig Mazin and game creators Neil Druckmann, this dystopian series left viewers on edge as the first season drew to a close. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the much anticipated The Last Of Us season 2. What awaits survivor Joel, played by Pedro Pascal and tough teenager Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey?

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Will There Be The Last Of Us Season 2?

Will There Be The Last Of Us Season 2?

Great news for fans! The Last of Us was renewed for season 2 this past January, after only two episodes aired. The TV series received rave reviews, boasting an impressive 97% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Additionally, the series experienced the largest viewership growth of any HBO drama series in the platform’s history during its initial run.

When Will The Last Of Us Season 2 Release?

When Will The Last Of Us Season 2 Release?

While the exact release date for season 2 is still unknown, hints from the cast and crew provide some insight. Pedro Pascal mentioned in an interview with Collider that there is a possibility that filming for the second season could start later this year 2023.

However, Bella Ramsey, who identifies as gender fluid also shared in an interview with W Magazine that they had other projects in progress before returning to The Last of Us.

Francesca Orsi, HBO’s head of drama, revealed in a May interview with website Deadline that The Last Of Us season 2 is not expected to air until at least 2025. This is due to various factors, including the WGA writers’ strike as I have discussed in the article The Boys Season 4 Delays Release Schedule.

We saw The Last Of Us for some time in 2025,he said while speaking about the WGA writers’ strike.

Who Are the Cast in The Last Of Us?

Who Are the Cast in The Last Of Us?

In the first season, The Last of Us took an anthology-like approach. Joel and Ellie face different allies and foes as they traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The deep bond between Joel and Ellie, reminiscent of a father and daughter, solidified at the end of season 1, guaranteeing the return of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as main stars in the upcoming season 2.

Meanwhile, Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and his wife Maria (Rutina Wesley) may also appear in season two. This series does not rule out having the opportunity to introduce another batch of talented new actors. We’ll wait guys!

How is the storyline of The Last Of Us Season 2?

How is the storyline of The Last Of Us Season 2?

Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1 will be revealed here for those who haven’t watched it yet.

The season 1 finale saw Joel and Ellie finally reach the Firefly camp. Eventually they learned that Ellie’s immunity to the Cordecyps infection had the potential to lead to a cure. To their surprise, they discover the Fireflies’ plan to sacrifice Ellie to develop a mass-produced drug.

This made Joel save him by force. In a heartbreaking moment, Joel lies to Ellie about the Fireflies’ intentions and the absence of a cure. This creates an important turning point in their relationship.

Season 2 will investigate the consequences of Joel’s actions and explore themes of hatred and revenge, mirroring events such as those in the game Part II.

The series will likely incorporate a five-year time jump, similar to the game adaptation, but may also feature flashback scenes from later years.

Concerns about Bella Ramsey’s age in relation to the time jump have been addressed by the showrunner Craig Mazin. He assured fans that Ramsey would continue to play Ellie.

The Difference between TV Series and Game Storylines

The Difference between TV Series and Game Storylines

Mazin and Druckmann acknowledge that there are differences between the TV series and the game, particularly regarding the existence of the Infected. Instead of focusing on action-packed sequences, the film prioritizes building deep relationships between characters.

Mazin made it clear that The Last Of Us season 2 would continue to deviate from the games and present its own unique narrative. While there may be more appearances from The Infected, the creators of the series aim to maintain their own creative vision.

The Future and Fate of The Last Of Us

Fans are wondering how long The Last of Us series can continue? Considering there are only two full-length games currently released. Mazin and Druckmann hinted at the possibility of multiple seasons to cover the entire Part II storyline.

While they’ve remained tight-lipped about the exact number of seasons needed, they have confirmed that the story will surpass season 2 guys. Interesting right?

The final word

While fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Last of Us Season 2, the series promises to captivate audiences with emotionally charged storytelling and nuanced character development. While the release date itself is still uncertain until now.

The renewal for the second season and the commitment from the talented cast and crew instill confidence that the wait will pay off. The Last of Us continues to be a testament to the power of adaptation, bringing many people’s favorite video game franchises to life on the screen with a unique and captivating narrative.

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