When will Girlboss Season 2 be released? Bad News Comes From Netflix

“Girlboss”, a web comedy series that has captivated audiences with its comedic charm, talented cast, and moderate budget for its 29-minute episodes. Despite receiving a critical rating of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, the series managed to elicit positive reactions from the general audience for its wit and humor. However, the burning question remains, what happened to Girlboss season 2, which many fans have been waiting for?

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The Unexpected Cancellation of Girlboss Season 2

The Unexpected Cancellation of Girlboss Season 2

To everyone’s surprise, “Girlboss” became the first ongoing comedy series to be canceled for season 2 out of 15 comedies broadcast by Netflix since 2015.

Creator and executive producer Kay Cannon apparently not aware of this decision and even hinted at future plans for Girlboss season 2. However, the series suddenly disappeared, leaving its fans confused.

Financial Factors and Netflix’s Decision to Cancel Girlboss Season 2

Financial Factors and Netflix's Decision to Cancel Girlboss Season 2

Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained the cancellation during the PGA’s Produced By Conference, citing financial considerations as a key factor. Sarandos explained that a big budget film with a large audience would definitely benefit.

Meanwhile, maintaining an expensive production for a small audience poses a challenge to Netflix’s business model. Unfortunately, “Girlboss” fell victim to this budget constraint and was discontinued along with several other series.

The Effect of the Author’s Problem

The Effect of the Author's Problem
Sophia Amoruso

The reason behind the cancellation can also be traced back to the original acts of “Girlboss” itself, the writers Sophia Amoruso. Simultaneously with the series, Amoruso’s personal life came under public scrutiny, as he was embroiled in various ethical controversies.

The news outlet covered the allegations of questionable work practices, including firing employees because of the occasional pregnancy and illness. This revelation negatively impacted audiences’ emotional connection to the show, making it difficult to continue supporting a character whose true life origins are problematic.

Some Questionable Reviews and Protagonists

Some Questionable Reviews and Protagonists

Critics focused their reviews on the main character, Sophia, and expressed mixed opinions about her role. Some felt that while the series attempted to present her as a strong and independent feminist, Sophia often displayed negative traits.

Reviewers have summarized her personality as “bad”, with terms like “stubbornness” and “immaturity” overshadowing her so-called “independence”.

Temporary Kay Cannon defending the imperfect character trait, claiming it reflects flawed human emotions such as selfishness and greed, the reviewer disagreed, considering Sophia’s flaws to be more severe than simply “pathetic”.

Cannot Manage Time Well

The timing of “Girlboss” may have played a major role in its downfall. Netflix announced the adaptation of Sophia Amoruso’s novel at the height of its business success in February 2016. However, shortly after the announcement, the business ran into financial problems, leading to bankruptcy and Amoruso’s resignation as CEO.

He eventually sold his website, “NastyGal,” to Boohoo.com. By the time the series premiered the following year. The confusion surrounding Amoruso’s reputation leaves viewers unsure of their support for him.

This confusion, coupled with potential problems with the story or portrayal, was ultimately one that also contributed to the series’ cancellation, with no indication of a future Girlboss season 2.

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