Warrior Nun Season 3 Will Return After Winning Petition From Fans

After its sudden cancellation in December last year, fans of the fantasy drama series Warrior Nun are taking matters into their own hands. With unwavering determination and a strong petition, they succeeded in convincing Netflix to revive the series and continue Warrior Nun into season 3.

Nun Warrior Creator, SimonBarryrecently confirmed that the series will be making a comeback and the news is very pleasing to loyal viewers.

In this article, I will share the premise of the series. The strong fan campaign that led to the Warrior Nun series being updated to season 3 and release is just around the corner.

Let’s listen!

Warrior Nun Tells About What?

Warrior Nun Tells About What?

Warrior Nun captivated audiences for two seasons between 2020 and 2022. The storyline revolves around the extraordinary journey of a 19-year-old woman named Ava Silva. The figure of Ava is played by the talented Alba Baptista. After waking up in the morgue, Ava discovers that her life has taken an unexpected turn.

Embedded in his back was a divine artifact, signifying his new affiliation with the ancient Order of the Crossed Swords. The Order’s sacred duty is to combat the demonic forces that threaten Earth.

To complicate matters further, a powerful faction from Heaven and Hell seeks to control Ava. This series sets the stage for a gripping supernatural struggle.

Fans Push To Update Warrior Nun Season 3

Fans Push To Update Warrior Nun Season 3

When news of Warrior Nun’s cancellation broke, waves of support surged from its dedicated fan base. A group of more than 121,000 passionate and determined fans united, launched a petition to revive their beloved series.

Through their unwavering dedication and unified voice, they have managed to capture the attention of Netflix. In response to the overwhelming support, the creator SimonBarry expressed his gratitude and joy for the return of the Warrior Nun season 3 series.

In a statement, he said, “Today I’m happy to make it official that because of the combined voices, passion and incredible efforts of you fans- #WarriorNun is coming back and it’s going to be even more EPIC than you could have ever imagined.

The announcement of the Warrior Nun update was a joyous news and an uproar throughout the fan community. Overjoyed by the news of the win, fans took to social media platforms to express their joy.

One overjoyed fan happily exclaimed, “We won!!while others shared their admiration, stating, “Warrior Nun stans rushed for this show, impressed ngl (Not going to lie).

The loyal followers of this series are looking forward to the broadcast of Warrior Nun season 3 to the TV screen later. It’s just a matter of days until we, the fans, can once again see a story that is quite epic and gets carried away while watching it.

Critical Praise From Audiences and Comparisons

Critical Praise From Audiences and Comparisons

Since its initial release, Warrior Nun has received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The clever mix of mythological and religious elements, accompanied by great chemistry between the actors, enthralls the audience.

The well-choreographed fight scenes add an extra layer of excitement, leaving the audience quite content.

Some critics have drawn parallels between Warrior Nun and favorites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer And Veronica Mars. They praised the fun of the series for balancing supernatural themes with engaging storytelling.

While Warrior Nun may not appeal to every viewer’s taste, the series offers a unique and thrilling experience. Nicole Drums from ComicBook.com praised the series as “a truly wild ride“, praising his ability to tackle thought-provoking questions while embracing his own silliness, actions, and absurdities.

The return of the Warrior Nun marks an opportunity for the series to further explore its captivating narrative, continuing to challenge and entertain its dedicated fan base.

Warrior Nun Season 3 Campaign Effects From Fans

The rise of the Warrior Nun was truly a beacon of hope for fans of the other canceled series longing for a second chance.

Netflix users have taken to social media to share their wish to revive other favorite series, incl Anne with an E, The Vampire AcademyAnd Julie and the Phantoms.

The success of Warrior Nun’s campaign has demonstrated the power of passionate fans and their ability to influence the platform decisions of the streaming giant Netflix.

Warrior Nun’s triumphant return to Netflix is ​​testament to the loyal fan community that supports him. Their collective voices echoed through the ears of the streaming giant. This is what paved the way for a new chapter in the thrilling saga of Ava Silva and the ancient Order of the Cruciform Swords.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming season, fans eagerly await the opportunity to once again immerse themselves in the gripping battle between Heaven, Hell, and the warriors caught in between.

The Rise of the Warrior Nun season 3 epitomizes the magnitude of the impact the campaign has had on fans around the world and the impact they can have in cinema today.

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