When is The Real Has Come Season 2 Released? Let’s Check the News!

K-drama on weekends is a separate entertainment from our long and tiring weeks, right? Exciting storyline coupled with some interesting characters make for the perfect weekend party. The Real Has Come is one of those family weekend series that has lots of drama and engrossing characters. They say that many people are waiting for The Real Has Come season 2, are you too?

The series is led by Ahn Jae-Hyun who returns to the small screen after three years as the sweet but forthright Gong Tae-Kyung. Leading the series alongside Jae-Hyun is Empress Ki’s Baek Jin-Hee as Oh Yeon-Doo. He is also making a comeback after four years of being seen on the series Feel Good to Die in 2018.

The intense chemistry between the two characters is what makes The Real Has Come series such an enthralling spectacle. Coupled with the fact that both are sorely missed by fans, this series is sure to become a fan favorite.

With the growing popularity of the K-drama, fans are starting to wonder if there will be a sequel. If you’re one of those fans, here are all the updates you need to know about The Real Has Come season 2.

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When Will The Real Has Come Season 2 Release?

When Will The Real Has Come Season 2 Release?

Directed by Han Joon-Seo, The Real Has Come premiered on March 25, 2023, and since then, two episodes have been released every weekend on KBS. The K-drama is slated for 50 episodes of which only 28 have aired so far.

The series has earned a loyal fan base but there are also critics who have some complaints about the drama. This is none other than the exaggerated storyline and cliche plot. However, these critical comments have not prevented The Real Has Come from amassing millions of views so far.

The creators themselves have yet to share their plans for the sequel. Considering the first season is ongoing, I have no hope for season 2. It all depends on the writer, Jo Jeong-Jooand his vision for the series now.

So far, the channel hasn’t given the green light for a sequel, but if it does, we can expect The Real Has Come season 2 to premiere sometime in mid-2024.

What’s The Real Has Come About?

What's The Real Has Come About?

This series centers on Oh Yeon-Deo who falls in love with an investment expert, Kim Jun-Ha (Jung Eui-Jae) who is both logical and cynical. When Yeon-Dee announces her pregnancy, Jun-Ha refuses any support and suggests an abortion.

To save embarrassment, Yeon-Deo claims that the father of her unborn child is Gong Tae-Kyung. After a moment when her despair and anger fade, Yeon-Deo realizes what kind of mess she has dragged herself and Tae-Kyung into.

To his surprise, Tae-kyung agrees to pretend to be his boyfriend and father of his child. To everyone else, Tae-Kyung is a do-gooder with a bit of a grunt and a highly skilled obstetrician and gynecologist.

Yeon-Deo shares the sentiments of others and thinks of Gong as a spoiled and rich man. However, as she begins to spend time with him and uncovers his inner nature, her perceptions begin to change and so do her feelings.

How’s The Real Has Come Season 2’s Storyline?

How's The Real Has Come Season 2's Storyline?

Tae-Kyung has not only a violent personality but also a broken heart, which he tries to hide behind a mask of indifference. Behind the curtains, he was tormented by the death of his parents and the pressure from his stepparents. To add to the drama, his first love, Jang Se-Jin (Cha Joo-Young), also turned him down once.

But now, Se-Jin has started to realize his mistake. She understands how Tae-Kyung can give her the luxury she wants and desperately wants to achieve it.

To get close to her, Se-Jin plans to seduce Tae-Kyung’s family, where he also works. His efforts are dashed when Yeon-Doo arrives in Tae-Kyung’s life and the two start to get close.

Now, Se-Jin is jealous and Jun-Ha is unaware that he is the biological father of Yeon-Doo’s child. The Real Has Come season 2 will probably see Se-Jin and Jun-Ha collaborating together against Yeon-Doo and Tae-Kyung.

Official Trailer for The Real Has Come S2: When will it be released?

No guys, there’s still no trailer available as of yet as it’s still not updated. So, I will pin it first with the first season trailer before later replacing it again with the newest one when it comes out. You can stream the series on KBS2 in Korea or Prime Video.

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