When will V-Wars Season 2 be released? There Is Bad News For Us All

Will Ian Somerhalder’s pandemic vampire drama V-Wars season 2 see another glimmer of hope for all of us? The series saw several levels of success and followed Sommerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann, a scientist who was plunged into a world of untold horror when a mysterious illness turned his best friend into a murderous predator that eats other humans.

As the disease spreads and more people change, society splits into opposing camps pitting normal people against an ever-increasing number of ‘vampire’.

But with Netflix’s recent total cancellation, can we expect more episodes of V-Wars with season 2 on the way? Let’s discuss them below.

Let’s listen!

Will V-Wars Season 2 Be Released Again?

Will V-Wars Season 2 Be Released Again?

I have some unpleasant news. V-Wars will not be returning for season 2. Netflix has officially canceled the series. The series itself was expensive to make and didn’t bring in enough audiences for the money.

But is this the main reason for the discontinuation of the series?

Netflix in general has been tightening its belt recently, especially with the company’s massive debt burden running into the billions. Netflix now only invests in titles with high viewership stats and is cutting underperforming titles much more quickly than before.

So, many of your favorite movies or series may no longer get new seasons. This is certainly not ideal, especially when a series ends with a story that is still hanging. This is unfair to users who have bonded and invested in the storyline and characters.

I think that’s how Netflix works these days and all we can do is hope streamers from other platforms like HBO Max, and Disney+ don’t follow the same business model.

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