Telling the Stories We Want to Tell

Issue2CoverForming as an aspect of Geek in the City, Geek in the City Comics started in 2011 with the publication of La Brujeria, issue 1. The only true goal of Geek in the City Comics is to tell compelling and entertaining stories. Stories that maybe you’ve never seen before. Stories you won’t find from mainstream comics. Stories you’ll want to read over and over. In the end, Geek in the City Comics wants to have fun. Join us!

Our debut comic, La Brujeria, was inspired by Mexican folk tales told to Aaron by his mother and grandmother. Those tales sat and simmered in Aaron’s brain as he took in a classic American education of late-night horror movies, epic games of Dungeons & Dragons, and way too many Saturday morning cartoons. Fast-forward 20 years or so and you’ve got La Brujeria.

DA_CoverIn September 2014, Geek in the City Comics debuted their newest title, Dark Anna and the Pirates of Kadath. Written by Aaron Duran, with art by Ethan Slayton, Dark Anna and the Pirates of Kadath took both Ethan and Aaron’s love for Lovecraft and dropped an unknown but historically real pirate from the 1600s. Keep checking this site for more information as Anna and her crew cut a deadly swath through the HP Lovecraft’s Dreamlands.

So please, take a look around. Tell us what you think and enjoy the ride!

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