Issue 5 Launces!

Issue_5_FrontCoverThe wait is finally over! Issue #5 of La Brujeria“It All Falls Down” is now available! If you live in Portland, you can get your copies at Bridge City Comics, the Beaverton, Milwaukie, & Portland Things From Another World, Cosmic Monkey Comics, and Vancouver readers can hit up I Like Comics.

If you don’t live in Portland, you can order a signed or unsigned physical copy at our Big Cartel store at:

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La Brujeria – Issue 4 – On the Job Training

LAB4_Free_CoverRecovered from her ordeal under the city, Althalia returns to Golden Bought Pawn to enjoy her first pass at the night shift! However, all is not well as enemies makes their final push against Althalia and those she calls friend. As one story ends, another begins and the Old World and New World collide head on. Catch up on the series that Geeks of Doom calls: “an action-packed mystery bag filled with a wild assortment of otherworldly characters including a tough, wisecracking chupacabra!” andLa Brujeria is an independent comic done right”.

Download here.

La Brujeria – Issue 3 – Once Upon a Time in Portland

LA3FreeCoverHer soul yanked from her body and sent back in time, things just get even weirder for Althalia Cabrera. Now, all she has to do to get home is prevent an uprising of Earth Elementals from under the Portland sewers. Without help. Without guidance. Without a chance. See what happens when this Bruja has nothing left to lose. Download the comic that The Geek Agenda proclaims: “Mixes B.P.R.D. sensibility with the witty banter of Joss Whedon’s Firefly

Download here.

La Brujeria – Issue 2 – The First 90 Days

LB2_Cover_FreePulled into the Fairy Tale world, saved a deadly Banshee, nuked some Goblins, punched her client, and drove a Chupacapra through Portland. Hell of a first day for the new girl. As Althalia fully accepts and embraces her powers, the Sidhe world braces for the return of the Bruja. A power not seen since the days of the Conquistadors. As Althalia does her best to blend into her new job, a new player enters the game with his sights on the whole Pawn Shop Crew. Read the book Panel Patter claims: “characters of color who are treated as real people, not props”.

Download here.

La Brujeria – Issue 1 – There Is This One Job

LB_Issue1_SmallEnter Althalia Cabrera. Unable to hold down a steady job due to spiritual interference, Althalia is at the end of her rope. Bouncing from one job to another, she answers an add for a clerk at a “non-traditional” pest extermination service fronting as a Portland pawn shop. When Althalia’s natural gifts collide with the Fairy Tale world, nothing is safe. Start the series that Eisner Award winning creator Shannon Wheeler says “is a story that moves well and the characters are strong. I really enjoyed”!

Download here.

Check back in a week for the next issue, or explore more of the site and enjoy all the stories from Geek in the City Comics! As always, all our thanks.


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