When is Bloodhounds Season 2 Released? Here’s the news for you

Bloodhounds is a drama originating from South Korea. This series is a crime and action series that tells the story of two young boxers and their friends who fall into the grave danger of the world of illegal loans. All viewers want more episodes in the future for Bloodhounds season 2, are you also one of them?

The series premiered on June 9, 2023 on Netflix and quickly gained immense popularity and support from the audience. The creators have released a total of eight episodes of the drama, revealing the boys’ struggles to pay off their debts.

When Will Bloodhounds Season 2 Release?

When Will Bloodhounds Season 2 Release?

The recently released K-drama series titled “Bloodhoundshas been getting positive reviews from critics and K-drama fans alike. So it seems that the creator of the Drakor will renew the series for the second season.

However, there has been no official announcement so far. It feels like the series will soon be renewed by the creators and Bloodhounds season 2 will be released in 2024 or 2025. More than that will be added by me after any information is announced by their side. Until there is new information, keep watching my website.

For now, let’s see a little more about the Bloodhounds series, the storyline of the cast, and what people who have seen it say.

What’s the Storyline of Bloodhounds Season 2?

What's the Storyline of Bloodhounds Season 2?

The K-drama series ‘Bloodhounds’ is a South Korean crime action drama directed by Kim Joo Hwan. The drama was released, with a total of 8 episodes showing the pressure among the boys to repay debts and win matches.

The series explores themes of friendship, love, care and support between two best friends who are young boxers but enter the world of illegal money trading to pay off their debts. But unfortunately they fall into the world of con artists.

The series has a total of eight episodes with stories showing how young boys struggle to pay off their debts and get into the world of illegal loans.

The Bloodhounds series begins with the creator introducing us to two friends named, Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin. Both were boxers at a young age. Kim Myeong-gil is the CEO of Smile Capital and the legendary President of Choi who is a world leader in private lending.

The series follows where Gun-woo leaves his friend Woo-jin and meets Choi-Tae after a boxing match so he can forgive his mother’s debt. Gun-woo and Woo-jin team up to enter the world of personal loans so they can pay off all their accumulated debts.

So, these two boys after getting lost in the market decided to return to their game and practice for their next game.

Meanwhile the other two Myeong-gil and President-choi get into a riot by trying to get ahead of each other in the personal loan market. On the other hand, the two young boxers once left this world, but then to protect their loved ones, they must support Myeong-gil and work with him for the common good.

Who Are the Cast in Bloodhounds?

Who Are the Cast in Bloodhounds?

This series has an interesting cast whose work has made this series so loved by the audience. The main cast of this series include:

  • Woo Do-hwan plays Kim Geon-woo, a boxer at a young age
  • Lee Sang-yi plays Hong Woo-jin, Kim’s friend and also a boxer
  • Huh Joon-ho stares as the leader of the private lending world, President Choi; And
  • Park Sung-Woong as Kim Myeong-gil, mastermind of the world of illegal loans.

Several actors and actresses who appeared special in the film included Lee Joong-ok, Kim Min-Jae, and Park Hoon. Other supporting cast are as follows, Kim Sae-Ron, Lee Hae-Yeong, Choi Si-won, Ha Soo-ho, and many more.

Bloodhounds season 2 is expected to have the same cast as the previous season. However, there was no announcement for the cast of the sequel, so there’s nothing I can officially tell you. The fans also expected the same cast because they loved the show for the characters too.

The final word

K-drama series “Bloodhounds” is a crime thriller series that tells the story of two young boxer best friends who live their careers as boxers well. However, family problems made them plunge into the world of illegal private loan work.

This series is about friendship and the stress that boys bring to help their families out of financial trouble.

Due to the high risk, they left the place and returned to their match practice. But it’s their love and concern for family that draws them back and pushes them into this world of illegal money.

However, in this article, everything I want to discuss is the release of Bloodhounds season 2, the storyline, and the cast of the first season of the Korean drama. Stay tuned regularly for the latest news here!

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