Complete paramedic training – that’s how it works at the German Red Cross

A paramedic training builds on the knowledge of a first aid course in practical and theoretical training units. The training programs of the various organizations are quite similar, but not 100% consistent. In addition to the Red Cross, you can also complete paramedic training with the DLRG, the Johanniter, the Malteser and the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund and other organizations.

Paramedic training with the Red Cross

  • In terms of content, paramedic training includes medical topics, equipment knowledge, medical law and the ability to assist a doctor.
  • The modules take place in the evenings or at weekends so that working people can also take part.
  • The paramedic training consists of 60 hours. At the end there is a practical and a theoretical test.
  • Paramedic training used to be divided into SAN A, B and C courses, but these levels are now offered in one comprehensive course.
  • Various further training courses are possible after paramedic training. The next higher qualification is that of paramedic. Paramedics are often used as drivers for ambulances. Then comes the paramedic, whose training enables him to take care of emergencies and patient transport.
  • There are various handbooks for the medical service that may help you with your research.

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