Career qualification for the higher non-technical administrative service – worth knowing

Legal basis of career qualification

Similar to what is usual for job advertisements in the private sector, applicants in the public sector must also meet certain requirements before they can take up certain positions.

  • Since the activities in the higher non-technical administrative service vary depending on the position, but it is important that certain work is carried out according to the same rules in all offices, there are uniform regulations for different processes. The career qualification is proof that you have the qualifications, i.e. that you have mastered the processes.
  • How exactly you achieve the career qualification for the higher non-technical administrative service is laid down in the Civil Service Act. Here you have to note that there is a BLV, which is the Federal Career Ordinance and for the federal states state civil service laws. So there can be differences in how you have to prove your career qualifications and how you achieve the qualification.
  • The career qualification only represents proof that you have the ability for the higher civil service, i.e. that you have the knowledge related to administration. Depending on the authority, additional qualifications may be required as proof of specialist knowledge.

Career start in the higher non-technical administrative service

As mentioned, there may be differences in the individual countries. As a rule, you must meet the following requirements in order to obtain the career qualification for higher non-technical administrative service:

  1. Since the training is a course of study, you must have a school-leaving certificate that entitles you to at least a university degree. As a rule, therefore, have a high school diploma or a degree that is equivalent to this. A high school diploma may well be sufficient.
  2. With these requirements, you can enter the preparatory service for the higher non-technical administrative service. The training period is 3 years and is a technical college degree. This can vary depending on the country or specific authority.
  3. There is also the express option of acquiring the knowledge you need for a career in higher non-technical administrative service outside of this training, i.e. by studying at a public technical college or university.
  4. Before you have the career qualification, you always have to pass an appropriate examination. There may be the special feature that the exam is only recognized if you have also completed an introductory period of up to 6 months in an authority.

The career qualification for the higher non-technical administrative service is the career start for the beginning of the higher service and is always based on a degree and an examination at the relevant authority.

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