Become a re-employed person in the Bundeswehr – that’s how it works

Why you apply to be a rehirer

  • More and more regular soldiers can no longer cope with civilian life after their active time in the Bundeswehr and regret their decision to have left the Bundeswehr.
  • Since conscription has now been abolished and the Bundeswehr is urgently looking for personnel, the chances of being re-employed in the Bundeswehr with your old rank are of course particularly good.
  • The minimum age was raised from thirty to thirty-two.

But there are some important criteria to be met and certain steps to be taken.

Criteria and steps for a return to the Bundeswehr

  • First, make an appointment with an adviser at your district military replacement office. He will explain to you in advance what the chances are for you personally as a returnee.
  • If this interview is positive, you can officially apply to your district military replacement office to be reinstated in active service in the Bundeswehr. A complete CV and the usual certificates that show your qualifications are important here.
  • If your application receives a positive response, you will be invited to another review after about 3 months. Here it is checked whether your physical fitness has suffered in civilian life.
  • In addition to this screening, you also have to undergo a psychological test, because they want to find out what motivates you to return to the Bundeswehr. They are also looking for certain stress syndromes that many people suffer from in civilian life. This psychological test has it all and will demand a lot from you. So prepare well for it, because some potential returnees have already failed. Your personnel file will also be looked at and searched for entries that you had during your previous period of service.

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