Acquire a broker’s license – this is how it works

Have you completed your studies in real estate management and now want to work as a real estate agent? Or would you like to switch from a boring bank job to a career as an insurance broker? Then you need a so-called broker’s license. Unless you are unreliable and live in disorderly financial circumstances, you can easily apply for this at the trade office in your community.

When do you need a broker’s license?

  • If you would like to carry out an activity on a self-employed basis that involves concluding or arranging the possibility of concluding contracts for loans, insurance, building savings contracts, land, rights equivalent to land (heritable building rights), commercial premises, living spaces, rental contracts, etc., you need one bill.
  • This is required and regulated by paragraph 34c of the trade regulations.
  • However, if you want to become a stockbroker, you do not fall under these paragraphs, but under the Stock Exchange Act.

Can anyone get a broker’s license?

  • Since broker is not a protected profession, anyone can apply for a broker’s license at the trade office.
  • However, you can only acquire the certificate if you are reliable in the legal sense – i.e. have no entries in your certificate of good conduct – and live in an orderly financial situation, i.e. have no insolvency proceedings or the like running.

What documents are required for the application?

You must enclose the following documents with the completed application form:

  • Copies of your identity card.
  • An excerpt from your certificate of good conduct.
  • Information from your list of debtors issued by the district court as well as a tax clearance certificate.

Incidentally, depending on the activity you want to do, a broker’s license costs between 300 and 1400 euros.

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